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    Incredible Luxury & Comfort
    Conveniently Located in the heart of Marrakech
    Riad Zaid will allow to you the explore what the city has to offer
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    We will provide you with a unique Moroccan hospitality
    Our exquisite rooms includes a traditional Moroccan breakfast
    and for a limited time a traditional Moroccan dinner...
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    100% Satisfied Guests is our goal
    We will do what it takes to satisfy all of our customers

Marrakech's Most wanted

We are located in the heart of the city of Marrakech, about 10 minutes walking from the famous Jamaa Fna. Our riad will offer you serenity and luxury. Our staff will assist you and make sure that you will be able to discover the city in the most relaxing way.

Our aim is to provide with all the comfort and the service our Moroccan hospitality trained us to provide. Come and visit us...

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5 bedrooms

Not too big, Not to small... The riad is small enough to give you this warm homey feeling but yet large enough to accommodate 5 bedrooms at a time...

Serving breakfast and dinner

Why dine out when you can order room service or dine on top of our riad's? Beautiful view and decorations will remind you at every instant that you are in Morocco

Conveniently Located

10 minutes walking from the Jamaa Fna and 5 minutes from the royal palace... Safe and secure environment in the heart of Marrakech

Amazing Staff

We hired professional multi-linguistic staff to better understand your needs and better service you...